Important Office Etiquette

The common workplace can be an exciting mix of people doing their tasks. With such a varied combination of different personalities and behaviors, a workplace can either be a dream to work in. For some people, it can also be a nightmare. In order to keep the workplace more manageable for everybody, there are office etiquette established that employees should try to follow.

Consider office etiquette as a means to make any office set up more manageable for everybody to work in. It is usually composed of mostly unwritten rules that are pretty standard for any type of office. How employees follow them determine the type of office environment that they work in. Here are some of the important office etiquette that employees should commonly follow.

Don’t abuse your authority.

Proper office etiquette is for everybody to follow, even the office bosses. This will ensure that the office environment becomes more stable and more conducive as a place of work for everybody. For the bosses, not abusing their power, especially on people that fall under them, is the proper etiquette to follow. Asserting one’s authority the wrong way does not always bode well in any organization. It tends to make people lose their respect. It is not proper office etiquette for people to use authority without the responsibilities that come with it.

Pay attention to co-workers.

The office tends to become just a place of work for most people. They don’t tend to make it a place to make and maintain good relationships with others. But as far as talking about having a good working environment, being oblivious about co-workers just doesn’t cut it. It is good etiquette to also try to keep in mind that there are also other human beings at the workplace. Try to give them some of your attention, saying hi and getting to know them as well. Nurturing such relationships may eventually work to your advantage later on, career-wise.

Follow the dress code.

Different office set ups may follow different dress codes. No matter if it is strict or not, it is still good etiquette to dress up with respect. Although some people may find that the way they dress is their own means of expressing themselves, it does not work in an office environment. Dressing properly is important at the workplace and not trying to get some attention the wrong way.

Keep your portable devices in check.

Most people at the workplace nowadays usually carry technology around with them with their smartphones and portable devices. While these gadgets are considered helpful and convenient, they can also be a means of disturbance at the office. A loud ring or buzz from such devices can cause other workers at the office to easily lose focus. It is good etiquette, therefore, to try and keep in mind to minimize such disturbances by putting these personal devices in silent or soft mode.
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